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Bandung Regency (Kabupaten Bandung, often referred to as the Bandung District) is an administrative district located to the south, southeast and east of the city of Bandung. The northern parts of the Bandung Regency are effectively part of the Bandung Metropolitan Area (technically the whole of the Regency is within the Metropolitan Area), with the southern third being less urbanized and jutting upwards from the Valley, though not as sharply as the mountain range to the immediate north of Bandung. The Regency is part of the Indonesian province of West Java, about 75 miles south of Jakarta. The city of Soreang is the capital of the regency.

First Cimahi City became autonomous and then West Bandung Regency was split off from the regency. In the 2010 Census, the population reached 3,178,543 after final adjustments.,[1] for a density of roughly 1,800 per square kilometer.

Bandung Regency current regent is H. Dadang M Naser. List of the 26 districts (Kecamatan) of Bandung Regency :

  1. Arjasari
  2. Bale Endah
  3. Banjaran
  4. Bojongsoang
  5. Cicalengka
  6. Cikancung
  7. Cileunyi
  8. Cimaung
  9. Cimenyan
  10. Ciparay
  11. Ciwidey
  12. Dayeuhkolot
  13. Ibun
  14. Katapang
  15. Kertasari
  16. Majalaya
  17. Margahayu
  18. Nagreg
  19. Pacet
  20. Pangalengan
  21. Paseh

Bandung Regency is bordered by:

  • North = West Bandung Regency, Cimahi city, Bandung city, Subang Regency , Sumedang Regency.
  • East = Sumedang Regency, Garut Regency.
  • South = Garut Regency, Cianjur Regency.
  • West = Cianjur Regency, West Bandung Regency

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